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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.16,2025* CWB Automotive Electronics Co
May.16,2025* Cygnus Gold
May.16,2025* Cyviz AS
May.16,2025* Dali Pharmaceutical Co
May.16,2025* Dalian Bio-Chem Co
May.16,2025* Dalian Dayang Trands in (CN)
May.16,2025* Dalian East New Energy Development in (CN)
May.16,2025* Dalian Sunasia Tourism Holding Co in (TW)
May.16,2025* Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery GroupLTD in (CN)
May.16,2025* Dar Almarkabah for Renting Cars Co SJSC
May.16,2025 Dassault Aviation in Paris (FR)
May.16,2025* Data I/O
May.16,2025* Datang Telecom Technology in (CN)
May.16,2025* DBV Technologies
May.16,2025* Definity Financial
May.16,2025* Delta Djakarta Tbk in (ID)
May.16,2025* Delta Holding in (MA)
May.16,2025* Deniz Yatirim Ortakligi AS in (TR)
May.16,2025 Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt/Main (DE)
Compliance StatementAGM video
May.16,2025* DFNN
May.16,2025* Digital Domain Holdings
May.16,2025* Dillard's
May.16,2025* Dingli Communications in (CN)
May.16,2025* Dioo Microcircuits Co Ltd Jiangsu
May.16,2025* DKSH Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
May.16,2025* Dnake Xiamen Intelligent Technology Co
May.16,2025* Doan Xa Port Joint Stock in (VN)
May.16,2025* Dongguan Chitwing Technology Co
May.16,2025* DongGuan YuTong Optical Technology Co
May.16,2025* Dorman Products
May.16,2025* Drew Industries
May.16,2025 Drillisch in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.16,2025* Dropbox in (US)
May.16,2025* Duerr in Bietigheim (DE)
May.16,2025* Duta Graha Indah Tbk in (ID)
May.16,2025* Dynamic Holding Co
May.16,2025* Dynex Capital in Toronto (CA)
May.16,2025* e.on in Essen (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.16,2025* Ea Co
May.16,2025* Eagle Bancorp
May.16,2025* Easterly Government Properties
May.16,2025* Eastroc Beverage Group Co
May.16,2025* Easy Field
May.16,2025* Ecovacs Robotics Co
May.16,2025* EFG Hermes HoldingE in (EG)
May.16,2025* Ege Profil Ticaret ve Sanayi AS in (TR)
May.16,2025* Electric Connector Technology Co
May.16,2025* Elicera Therapeutics
May.16,2025* Ellington Financial LLC in-New York (US)
May.16,2025 ElringKlinger in Stuttgart (DE)
May.16,2025* Enact Holdings
May.16,2025* Energio in (AU)
May.16,2025* Enertopia
May.16,2025* Enlitic
May.16,2025* Ensign Group
May.16,2025* Entersoft in (GR)
May.16,2025* Eolus Vind in (SE)
May.16,2025* EP Global Opportunities Trust
May.16,2025* Ess Tech
May.16,2025* EST Tools Co
May.16,2025* Eurocell
May.16,2025* Eurocrane China Co
May.16,2025* Euronav in (BE)
May.16,2025* Euronet Worldwide
May.16,2025* European Assets Trust in (NL)
May.16,2025* Evergrande Property Services Group
May.16,2025* Excel Technology International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.16,2025* Exchange Bank
May.16,2025* F + M Bank
May.16,2025 FACC in Ried im Innkreis (AT)
May.16,2025* Farmacoop ad Novi Sad
May.16,2025* Federal Agricultural Mortgage
May.16,2025* Ferronordic Machines in (SE)
May.16,2025* Finework HuNan New Energy Technology Co
May.16,2025 Finmeccanica in Rome (IT)
May.16,2025* First Guaranty Bancshares
May.16,2025* Five Star Bancorp
May.16,2025* Flowserve in (IL)
May.16,2025* Focuslight Technologies
May.16,2025* Formfactor
May.16,2025* Formosa Ingredient Factory Tbk
May.16,2025* Fortune Ng Fung Food (Hebei) in (CN)
May.16,2025* Foryou
May.16,2025* Foshan Golden Milky Way Intelligent Equipment Co
May.16,2025* Foshan Hai Tian Flavouring&
May.16,2025* FPT Online JSC
May.16,2025* Fram Skandinavien AB (publ)
May.16,2025* Franklin Street Properties
May.16,2025* Frontier Digital Ventures
May.16,2025* Fuda Alloy Materials Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Bosi Software Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Cement in (CN)
May.16,2025* Fujian Forecam Optics Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Longzhou Transp
May.16,2025* Fujian Tendering Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Tengxin Foods
May.16,2025* Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co
May.16,2025* Fujian Zhangzhou Development in (CN)
May.16,2025* Fulgent Diagnostics
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