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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.15,2001* Monster Beverage (former: Hansen Natural) in Corona (US)
Jul.08,2003 e.on Bayern in Regensburg (DE)
Mar.16,2004 b.i.s. boersen-informations-systeme in Rimpar (DE)
Dec.13,2004 APCOA Parking in Stuttgart (DE)
May.23,2005 AXA Lebensversicherung in Köln (DE)
Jun.28,2005 broadnet mediascape Communications in Hamburg (DE)
Mar.30,2006 Wapme Systems in Düsseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.30,2006 TA Triumph-Adler in München (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.10,2006 PEH in Oberursel (DE)
Jun.12,2006 SHS Informationssysteme in München (DE)
Jun.22,2006 Gerling in Köln (DE)
Jun.30,2006 Mittal Steel in Rotterdam (NL)
Aug.11,2006 Vattenfall in Berlin (DE)
Sep.04,2006 Autania in Frankfurt (DE)
Sep.28,2006 equitrust in Hamburg (DE)
Feb.27,2007 Wella in Frankfurt (DE)
Mar.15,2007 CFF recycling in Paris (FR)
Apr.25,2007 NUMICO in Amsterdam (NL)
Apr.26,2007 Reuters in London (UK)
May.09,2007 AGF in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
May.10,2007 Electrabel in Bruxelles (BE)
May.23,2007 AMVESCAP in London (UK)
May.23,2007 ICI Imperial Chemical Industries in London (UK)
May.24,2007 GWB Immobilien in Hamburg (DE)
Jun.01,2007 BOIZEL CHANOINE in Reims (FR)
Jun.08,2007 COSMOTE mobile telecom in Athen (GR)
Jul.24,2007 AXA Konzern in Köln (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.26,2007 Alliance Boots in (UK)
Jul.27,2007 BBS Kraftfahrzeug in Herbolzheim (DE)
Aug.16,2007 Converium Holding AG in Zug (CH)
Compliance Statement
Aug.28,2007 Mobilcom in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.29,2007 Eurohypo in Frankfurt (DE)
Aug.30,2007 BHW Holding in Hannover (DE)
Sep.24,2007 DEPFA Bank in Dublin (IRL)
Oct.29,2007 prout in Darmstadt (DE)
Dec.14,2007 parsytec in Aachen (DE)
Dec.18,2007 Altadis in Madrid (ES)
Jan.29,2008 qimonda in München (DE)
Feb.09,2008 Landsbanki (old) in Reykjavik (IS)
Feb.14,2008 Jagenberg in Düsseldorf (DE)
Feb.20,2008 Glitnir Bank in Reykjavík (IS)
Mar.07,2008 Kaupthing Bank in Reykjavik (IS)
Apr.17,2008 GEODIS in Paris (FR)
Apr.22,2008 UnionFENOSA in Madrid (ES)
Apr.23,2008 ARRIVA in London (UK)
Apr.24,2008 Northern Rock in (UK)
Apr.29,2008 HBOS in London (UK)
Apr.30,2008 San Paolo-IMI in Turin (IT)
May.07,2008 Allianz Leben in Stuttgart (DE)
May.08,2008 Tekfen Holding in Istanbul (TR)
May.16,2008 Schering in Berlin (DE)
May.27,2008 GPCBiotech in (DE)
May.29,2008 PROVIMI in Paris (FR)
Jun.03,2008 DIS in Düsseldorf (DE)
Jun.23,2008 Böhler-Uddeholm in Wien (AT)
Jun.29,2008 Avanzit in Madrid (ES)
Jul.03,2008 DBV-Winterthur in Wiesbaden (DE)
Jul.29,2008 HVB HypoVereinsbank (UniCredit) in München (DE)
Aug.27,2008 emQtec in München (DE)
Aug.28,2008 NewGen (vormals: Dorint ) in Aachen (DE)
Aug.29,2008 AGOR AG in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
Sep.15,2008 Alliance & Leicester in (UK)
Nov.24,2008 Techem in Frankfurt (DE)
Nov.28,2008 Rosenthal in Selb (DE)
Feb.05,2009 Asset Management Investment in London (UK)
Feb.12,2009 VEM Aktienbank in Munich (DE)
Mar.18,2009 arcandor (former: Karstadt Quelle) in Düsseldorf (DE)
Apr.02,2009 DBVI in München (DE)
Apr.02,2009 Deutsche Beamtenvorsorge in Munich (DE)
Apr.29,2009 GBW in Munich (DE)
Apr.30,2009 FL group in Reykjavik (IS)
May.11,2009 Espanola del Zinc in Madrid (ES)
May.14,2009 Cadbury Schweppes in London (UK)
May.14,2009 Deutsche Hypothekenbank in Berlin (DE)
May.15,2009 CLEOP levantina de edificacion y obras in Valencia (ES)
May.18,2009 Roth & Rau in Hohenstein-Ernstthal (DE)
May.19,2009 Solarparc in Bonn (DE)
May.19,2009 UK Coal in London (UK)
May.20,2009 Beru in Ludwigsburg (DE)
May.20,2009 EPCOS in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2009 DCI in Starnberg (DE)
May.28,2009 LYCOS Europe in Amsterdam (NL)
May.29,2009 steria group in (CH)
Jun.04,2009 AWD Holding AG in Hannover (DE)
Jun.09,2009 Silicon Sensor in Berlin (DE)
Jun.10,2009 Woolworth in London (UK)
Jun.12,2009 Anterra Vermögensverwaltung in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.16,2009 Corealcredit (former: AHBR AllgHypothekenBank Rheinboden) in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.26,2009 Schmack Biogas in München (DE)
Jun.30,2009 Concord Investmantbank in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.30,2009 GANTOIS in Saint-Die-des-Vosges (FR)
Jul.08,2009 Schwarz Pharma in Dusseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.23,2009 ErSol Solar in Erfurt (DE)
Jul.24,2009 Escada in München (DE)
Jul.29,2009 Business Media China in Stuttgart (DE)
Jul.31,2009 ITM Technology (vormals: anycom) in Karlsruhe (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.21,2009 Action Press Holding (vormals: Hunzinger Information) in Bonn (DE)
Sep.30,2009 TRIA IT-solutions in München (DE)
Compliance Statement
Oct.05,2009 HRE Hypo Real Estate in München (DE)
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