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Sep.21,2023* R R Securities
Sep.21,2023* Radio Jamaica
Sep.21,2023* Raval ICS
Sep.21,2023* Reata Pharmaceuticals
Sep.21,2023* Reds Real Estate Development and Services in (GR)
Sep.21,2023* Redzone Resources in (CA)
Sep.21,2023* Reliance Chemotex Industries
Sep.21,2023* Rubfila International
Sep.21,2023* Ruchi Infrastructure in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Rudrabhishek Enterprises
Sep.21,2023* S E Investments in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Sakar Healthcare
Sep.21,2023* Sakthi Finance
Sep.21,2023* Sandesh
Sep.21,2023* Sandhar Technologies
Sep.21,2023* Sarla Performance Fibers
Sep.21,2023* SBC Bhd in (MY)
Sep.21,2023* Sequel E Routers
Sep.21,2023* Seraphine Group
Sep.21,2023* SG Blocks
Sep.21,2023* Shiv Aum Steels
Sep.21,2023* Shiva Mills
Sep.21,2023* Shiva Texyarn
Sep.21,2023* Shriram EPC
Sep.21,2023* Silver Spike Investment
Sep.21,2023* Sincere Watch (Hong Kong)
Sep.21,2023* SJ
Sep.21,2023* Societatea de Investitii Financiare Moldova in (RO)
Sep.21,2023* Societe Anonyme des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers a Monaco in Monaco (MC)
Sep.21,2023* Societe Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carenage in (FR)
Sep.21,2023* Societe Pour l-Informatique Industrielle SII in (FR)
Sep.21,2023* Soligenix in Princeton (US)
Sep.21,2023* Sonar Bangla Insurance
Sep.21,2023* South India Paper Mills
Sep.21,2023* Space3 S.p.A.
Sep.21,2023* Spandana Sphoorty Financial
Sep.21,2023* Sparebank 1 Smn in (NO)
Sep.21,2023* Sprayking Agro Equipment
Sep.21,2023* State Trading of India in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Sunflag Iron and Steel in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Sungold Capital
Sep.21,2023* Sunlife Insurance Co
Sep.21,2023* Superior Industrial Enterprises
Sep.21,2023* Surge Copper
Sep.21,2023* T and I Global
Sep.21,2023* Take Two Interactive Software
Sep.21,2023* TCI Industries
Sep.21,2023* Tejnaksh Healthcare
Sep.21,2023* Temas Resources
Sep.21,2023* Tethys Petroleum in (US)
Sep.21,2023* The India Cements in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Theranexus
Sep.21,2023* Thirdwave Financial Intermediaries
Sep.21,2023* THQ Nordic
Sep.21,2023* Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group in Tianjin (CN)
Sep.21,2023* Tiv Taam Holdings 1 in (IL)
Sep.21,2023* Tokyo Sangyo in (JP)
Sep.21,2023* Toughbuilt Industries
Sep.21,2023* TPL Plastech
Sep.21,2023* Trakm8 Hldg in (UK)
Sep.21,2023* Turiya Bhd
Sep.21,2023* TV Today Network in (IN)
Sep.21,2023* Ubisoft Entertainment in Paris (FR)
Sep.21,2023* Uday Jewellery Industries
Sep.21,2023* Unity Kapital Assurance
Sep.21,2023* Vadilal Enterprises
Sep.21,2023* Vadilal Industries
Sep.21,2023 VALLOUREC in Paris (FR)
Sep.21,2023* Van Elle Holdings
Sep.21,2023* Vantage Corporate Services
Sep.21,2023* Vasta Platform
Sep.21,2023* Venue Retail Group in (SE)
Sep.21,2023* Vibrant Global Capital
Sep.21,2023* Vibrosense Dynamics
Sep.21,2023* Wikileaf Technologies
Sep.21,2023* Winsome Textile Industries
Sep.21,2023* WNS Holdings
Sep.21,2023* Worth Peripherals
Sep.21,2023* Yeebo (International Holdings) in (HK)
Sep.21,2023* Zetkama in (PL)
Sep.21,2023* Zima Holding Co KSC Holding
Sep.22,2023* A&D in (JP)
Sep.22,2023* Aananda Lakshmi Spinning Mills
Sep.22,2023* Access Engineering
Sep.22,2023* Active Clothing Co
Sep.22,2023* Adcon Capital Services
Sep.22,2023* ADDvantage Technologies Group
Sep.22,2023* ADRIS GRUPA in (HR)
Sep.22,2023* Affle (India)
Sep.22,2023* AFK Sistema in (RU)
Sep.22,2023* Alexandria Mineral OilsE
Sep.22,2023* Alka India
Sep.22,2023* Alok Industries in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Americas Petrogas
Sep.22,2023* Angang Steel in (CN)
Sep.22,2023* Anjani Portland Cement
Sep.22,2023* Ansal Buildwell
Sep.22,2023* Antec in (TW)
Sep.22,2023* Aptech in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Archies
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