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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Sep.22,2023* Arihant Tournesol
Sep.22,2023* Arkora Hydro Tbk PtT
Sep.22,2023* Ashok Alco-Chem
Sep.22,2023* Audiocodes in (IL)
Sep.22,2023* Aunde India
Sep.22,2023* AXA Property Trust in (UK)
Sep.22,2023* Azrieli Group
Sep.22,2023* B+M European Value Retail in Luxembourg (LU)
Sep.22,2023* Bafna Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* BanCo Products India in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Bank of Ireland in (IE)
Sep.22,2023* Banque Centrale Populaire Sa in (MA)
Sep.22,2023* Batavia Prosperindo Trans Tbk
Sep.22,2023* Bayside Landoration in (IL)
Sep.22,2023* Begbies Traynor Group in (UK)
Sep.22,2023* Belararox
Sep.22,2023* Belvedere in (FR)
Sep.22,2023* Beruwala Resorts
Sep.22,2023* Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I
Sep.22,2023* Bogawantalawa Tea Estates
Sep.22,2023* Breeze Holdings Acquisition
Sep.22,2023* BriQ Properties REIC
Sep.22,2023* C Cheng Holdings
Sep.22,2023* C Y Foundation Group in (HK)
Sep.22,2023* Canalaska Uranium
Sep.22,2023* Capella Resources
Sep.22,2023* Capital Product Partners LP in (GR)
Sep.22,2023* Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co
Sep.22,2023* Chemcrux Enterprises
Sep.22,2023* China Electric Power Technology Holdings in (CN)
Sep.22,2023* China Oil Gangran Energy Group Hldg
Sep.22,2023* China Railwaynstruction in (CN)
Sep.22,2023* China South City Holdings in (HK)
Sep.22,2023* Choksi Laboratories
Sep.22,2023* Chrometco in (ZA)
Sep.22,2023* Classic Leasing + Finance
Sep.22,2023* Cofide Gruppo de Benedetti in (IT)
Sep.22,2023* Conoil
Sep.22,2023* Contil India
Sep.22,2023* Cords Cable Industries
Sep.22,2023* Culture Landmark Investment in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.22,2023* D REIT Co
Sep.22,2023* D'nonce Technology Bhd
Sep.22,2023* Dai Ichi Karkaria
Sep.22,2023* Daily Internet in (UK)
Sep.22,2023* Daisho Microline Holdings
Sep.22,2023* Dalal Street Investments
Sep.22,2023* Datron in Darmstadt (DE)
Sep.22,2023* Decisive Dividend
Sep.22,2023* Detskiy Mir PAO in (RU)
Sep.22,2023* Deutsche Municipal Income Trust
Sep.22,2023* Deutsche Strategic Municipal Income Trust
Sep.22,2023* Devinsu Trading
Sep.22,2023* Dhruv Estates
Sep.22,2023* Diagonal Bio
Sep.22,2023* DIGJAM in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Distilleries of Sri Lanka
Sep.22,2023* Drillco Metal Carbides
Sep.22,2023* Dynamatic Technologies in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Elcid Investments
Sep.22,2023* Eldeco Housing And Industries
Sep.22,2023* Empire Industries
Sep.22,2023* Empire Petroleum
Sep.22,2023* Energopetrol dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Sep.22,2023* Entertainment Network India in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Epicurean and Co
Sep.22,2023* Everest Kanto Cylinder in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy
Sep.22,2023* Fatima Fertilizer
Sep.22,2023* Faze Three
Sep.22,2023* Filtra Consultants and Engineers
Sep.22,2023* First Shanghai Investments
Sep.22,2023* Fitters Diversified Bhd in (MY)
Sep.22,2023* Focus Lighting and Fixtures
Sep.22,2023* Frey in (FR)
Sep.22,2023* Future Energy Source Company
Sep.22,2023* Future Market Networks in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* FutureFuel in Clayton (US)
Sep.22,2023* Garden Reach Shipbuilders + Engineers
Sep.22,2023* Geely Automobile Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.22,2023* Gestetner of Ceylon
Sep.22,2023* Gigalane
Sep.22,2023* Godha Cabcon + Insulation
Sep.22,2023* Gokul Refoils And Solvent
Sep.22,2023* Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Gujchem Distillers India
Sep.22,2023* HB Leasing and Finance Co
Sep.22,2023* High Street Filatex
Sep.22,2023* Hipay Group
Sep.22,2023* Hisar Metal Industries
Sep.22,2023* Huadi International Group Co., Ltd.
Sep.22,2023* Hydro S and S Industries
Sep.22,2023* Ilkyung in (KR)
Sep.22,2023* India Radiators
Sep.22,2023* Indian Card Clothing Company
Sep.22,2023* Indraprastha Medical in (IN)
Sep.22,2023* Industrial Investment Trust
Sep.22,2023* ING Prime Rate Trust
Sep.22,2023* INOX Leisure in (IN)
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