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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Aug.04,2017 bawag pskfonds in Wien (AT)
Aug.04,2017* RHI AG in (AT)
Aug.25,2017 BWT AG in Mondsee (AT)
Dec.01,2017* New Venturetec in (CH)
Mar.28,2018* Autoneum Holding in (CH)
Apr.09,2018 Goldbach Media in Kuesnacht (CH)
May.03,2018* Plazza Immobilien in (CH)
May.23,2018* Bondpartners in Lausanne (CH)
Apr.12,2019 ASMALLWORLD in Zurich (CH)
Apr.29,2019 Ferguson (formerly: Wolseley) in Zug (CH)
Apr.30,2019* Bank Cler (formerly: Bankcoop) in Basel (CH)
May.15,2019 admicasa Holding in Frauenfeld (CH)
Oct.23,2019* Sunrise Communications in Zurich (CH)
Jan.10,2020* BFW Liegenschaften in Frauenfeld (CH)
Feb.20,2020 ALMDORF in Almdorf (AT)
Mar.18,2020 Palfinger in Friedburg (AT)
Mar.24,2020 Dachstein Tourismus in (AT)
Mar.24,2020* Valora Holding in (CH)
Apr.02,2020 Austrian Airlines in Wien (AT)
Apr.03,2020* tmcntent Group in (CH)
Apr.20,2020* Vetropack Holding in Buellach (CH)
Apr.28,2020 KTM Power Sports AG in Mattighofen (AT)
May.11,2020* Vaudoise Assurances Holding in Lausanne (CH)
May.12,2020 LafargeHolcim in Duebendorf (CH)
May.27,2020* Sanochemia Pharmazeutika in (AT)
Jun.29,2020* Yueshou Environmental Holdings in (CH)
Jun.30,2020* LumX Asset Managemant (formerly: Gottex Fund Management Holdings in Geneva (CH)
Sep.04,2020* Pargesa Holding in Genva (CH)
Apr.28,2021* Bachem Holding in (CH)
Apr.29,2021* Banque Cantonale du Jura in (CH)
Jun.08,2021 S + T SYSTEM INTEG.+TECHNO.DIST. in Vienna (AT)
Jun.24,2021 S IMMO AG in Vienna (AT)
Mar.23,2022* Unternehmens Invest AG in (AT)
Apr.05,2022* Syrakus Holding in (D)
Apr.22,2022 Bank Linth LLB in Rapperswil-Jona (CH)
Apr.22,2022* Televerbier in (CH)
May.20,2022* Adval Tech Holding in (CH)
May.31,2022* Hochdorf Holding in (CH)
Jun.13,2022* Airesis in Clarens (CH)
Jun.15,2022 Marinomed Biotech in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2022* Ober in (AT)
Jul.06,2022* Hydro Exploitations in (CH)
Dec.07,2022* Datacolor in (CH)
Dec.21,2022* Frauenthal Holding in (AT)
Jan.13,2023* New Value in (CH)
Mar.29,2023* Huber+Suhner in (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Bobst Group in (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG in (AT)
Apr.12,2023* Vz Holding in (CH)
Apr.14,2023* Tamedia in (CH)
Apr.17,2023* Luzerner Kantonalbank in (CH)
Apr.18,2023* Cicor Technologies in (CH)
Apr.18,2023* Tecan Group in (CH)
Apr.20,2023* Kudelski in (CH)
Apr.21,2023* EFG International in (CH)
Apr.24,2023 Flughafen Zurich in Zurich (CH)
Apr.27,2023* APG SGA (former: Affichage Holding) in Geneva (CH)
May.09,2023* Genolier Swiss Medical Network in (CH)
May.15,2023* BKW in (CH)
May.15,2023* Jungfraubahn Holding in (CH)
May.16,2023* Romande Energie Holding in (CH)
Jun.01,2023* Cavotec in (CH)
Jun.01,2023 Frequentis in Wien (AT)
Jun.08,2023* TalkPool in (CH)
Jun.28,2023* Ottakringer Getraenke in (AT)
Jun.28,2023* Ypsomed Holding in (CH)
Jul.06,2023 AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtech. AG in Loeben (AT)
Sep.21,2023* Gurktaler in Vienna (AT)
Oct.26,2023* Crealogix Holding in Zurich (CH)
Nov.16,2023* Banque Profil De Gestion in (CH)
Nov.30,2023* Josef Manner &mp in (AT)
Dec.04,2023* Philion in (D)
Dec.05,2023* Cleen Energy in Haag (AT)
Dec.06,2023* Barry Callebaut in Zurich (CH)
Dec.07,2023* HPI in (D)
Dec.07,2023* Schaffner Holding in Solothurn (CH)
Dec.15,2023* Walter Meier in (CH)
Dec.20,2023* Enerxy in (CH)
Feb.02,2024* EVN AG in Maria Enzersdorf (AT)
Mar.06,2024* Daetwyler Holding in Altdorf (CH)
Mar.06,2024* Novartis in Basel (CH)
Mar.07,2024* Tyco International in Zurich (CH)
Mar.12,2024 Roche in Basel (CH)
Compliance Statement
Mar.15,2024* Also Actebis Holding in (CH)
Mar.15,2024* Burgenland Holding in Eisenstadt (AT)
Mar.15,2024* Mondobiotech Holding in (CH)
Mar.19,2024* Schindler Holding in (CH)
Mar.19,2024* Swiss Prime Site in (CH)
Mar.20,2024* Bellevue Group in (CH)
Mar.20,2024 OERLIKON in Lucerne (CH)
Mar.21,2024 ABB Asea Brown Boveri in Zurich (CH)
Mar.22,2024 BB Biotech in Schaffhausen (CH)
Mar.22,2024* Givaudan in Geneva (CH)
Mar.22,2024* Stadtwerke Hannover in (D)
Mar.25,2024* Belimo Holding in (CH)
Mar.26,2024* Implenia in (CH)
Mar.26,2024* Mobimo Holding in (CH)
Mar.26,2024* SGS in Geneva (CH)
Mar.26,2024* Sika in Cham (CH)
Mar.27,2024 Swisscom in Fribourg (CH)
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