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VIPsight offers, every month transparent and independent current information / comments / facts and figures on corporate governance locally and internationally

AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Nov.30,2023* Armephaco JSC
Nov.30,2023* Beijing Oriental Jicheng Co
Nov.30,2023* Bestv New Media in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* BlackWall Property Funds in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* Carbon Revolution
Nov.30,2023* Chengdu RML Technology Co
Nov.30,2023* Chimimport AD Sofia in (BG)
Nov.30,2023* China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Chongqing New Century Cruise
Nov.30,2023* Chongqing Road & Bridge in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Chongqing Xishan Science + Technology Co
Nov.30,2023* Contec Medical Systems Co
Nov.30,2023* Denge Yatirim Holding AS
Nov.30,2023* Dongfeng Electronic Technology in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* DSK in (KR)
Nov.30,2023* DXS International
Nov.30,2023* Far East Gold
Nov.30,2023* Fitzroy Resources in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* Guangdong Decro Film New Materials Co
Nov.30,2023* Guangdong Dtech Technology Co
Nov.30,2023* Hunan Changyuan Lico Co
Nov.30,2023 Investimenti e Sviluppo in Milano (IT)
Nov.30,2023* Jiangsu Keqiang New Material Co
Nov.30,2023* Jiangsu New Energy Development Co
Nov.30,2023* Jiangsu Yulong Steel Pipe Co in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Jiangxi Ganneng Co in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Jiangxi Guoguang Commercial Chains Co
Nov.30,2023* Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Corp
Nov.30,2023* Jin Cai Holdings
Nov.30,2023* Josef Manner &mp in (AT)
Nov.30,2023* K + G Complex Public Co in (CY)
Nov.30,2023* Keyeast in (KR)
Nov.30,2023* Klaipedos Nafta in (LT)
Nov.30,2023* Minrex Resources NL
Nov.30,2023* Mohammed Hasan AlNaqool Sons Co SCJSC
Nov.30,2023* Motic Xiamen Electric Group Co in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Mount Burgess Mining NL
Nov.30,2023* Newcourt Acquisition
Nov.30,2023* NextCell Pharma
Nov.30,2023* Norfolk Metals
Nov.30,2023* Ocean Bridge Co
Nov.30,2023* Oceans King Lighting Science
Nov.30,2023* PentaNova Energy
Nov.30,2023* Perpetual Resources
Nov.30,2023* Potash West NL
Nov.30,2023* PT Sriwahana Adityakarta Tbk in (ID)
Nov.30,2023* Qingdao Sunsong Co
Nov.30,2023* Red River Resources in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* San Yang Ma Chongqing Logistics Co
Nov.30,2023* Saniteks dd Velika Kladusa in (BA)
Nov.30,2023* Sbw in (KR)
Nov.30,2023* SensoDetect
Nov.30,2023* Shanghai Vohringer Wood Product Co
Nov.30,2023* Shanghai Xuerong Bio-Technology Co
Nov.30,2023* Shanxi Lu An Environmental Energy Development in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen Breo Technology Co
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen Fluence Technology
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen Longtech Smart Control Co
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate (Group)Co in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen Tianyuan Dic Information Technology
Nov.30,2023* Shenzhen United Winners Laser Co
Nov.30,2023* Sonokong Co
Nov.30,2023* Tag dd Gorazde
Nov.30,2023* Tianjin Quanyechang(Group)Co in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Uranex in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* Victory Mines in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* White Rock Minerals in (AU)
Nov.30,2023* WinVest Acquisition
Nov.30,2023* Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute in (CN)
Nov.30,2023* Yenbai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural and Foodstuffs in (VN)
Nov.30,2023* Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co in (CN)
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