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VIPsight offers, every month transparent and independent current information / comments / facts and figures on corporate governance locally and internationally

AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Feb.27,2024* Ahli Bank QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.27,2024* Alentkaeya for Investment and Real Estate Development Co
Feb.27,2024* B + D Strategic Holdings
Feb.27,2024* Bank of Shanghai Co
Feb.27,2024* Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co
Feb.27,2024* Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate
Feb.27,2024* BigBear.ai Holdings
Feb.27,2024* Bisa Leasing
Feb.27,2024* British Assets Trust in (UK)
Feb.27,2024* China Shipbuilding Industry in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Chongqing Fuling Electric Power Industrial Co in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Concord Acquisition Corp III
Feb.27,2024* Dook Media Group
Feb.27,2024* EVOQ Remedies
Feb.27,2024* Fujian Xiamen Xiangyu in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* GameSquare Holdings
Feb.27,2024* Gdh Supertime Group Co
Feb.27,2024* General de Galerias Comerciales SOCIMI
Feb.27,2024* Gentrack Group
Feb.27,2024* GHT Co
Feb.27,2024* Guangdong Kingshine Electronic Technology Co
Feb.27,2024* Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co
Feb.27,2024* Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co
Feb.27,2024* Henan Huaying Agricultural Development in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Jhu Jian Catering Co
Feb.27,2024* Jiangsu Jingshen Salt + Chemical Industry Co
Feb.27,2024* Jiangsu Zhongnannstruction Group in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Kukbo Logistics in (KR)
Feb.27,2024* Laobaixing Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock Co
Feb.27,2024* Nachi Fujikoshi in (JP)
Feb.27,2024* Netac Technology in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Qingdao Tianhua Institute Chemistry Engineering Co in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* RiTE Gacko ad Gacko
Feb.27,2024* Shaanxi Provincial Natural Gas in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Shandong Newjf Technology Packaging Co
Feb.27,2024* Shanghai Electric Power in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Shell-Line in (KR)
Feb.27,2024* Sichuan Golden Summit (Group) in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Sichuan Swellfun in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Very Good Food Company
Feb.27,2024* Wuxi Delinhai Environmental Technology Co
Feb.27,2024* XiAn Actionpower Electric Co
Feb.27,2024* Xinjiang GoldWind Science&Technology in (CN)
Feb.27,2024* Yuneng Technology Co
Feb.27,2024* Zhejiang Biyi Electric Appliance Co
Feb.27,2024* Zoom Telephonics
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The AGMagenda is a tool for professionals, to clarify AGM organizational questions in good time. It works using search engines, like a portal (though with no advertising!) and concentrates on the essentials. A point of particular interest is the fact that entering the name of a company followed by VIPHV/AGM (e.g. RossiVIPHV/AGM) will in almost all cases bring you directly to the company?s Corporate Governance Web pages. What you find there awaits the critical, constructive observations of our users.