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What is V I P ?
  • VIP is an international discussion an information platform regarding Corporate Governance an all associated terms and questions (ethics, sustainability, rating of different criterions, audit, etc.)
  • VIP is a professional provider of individual services (independent physical proxy agent with an experience of more than 1300 AGMs) for institutional investors, the voice of the owners – ordered an paid by the owner.

VIP means observing, thinking about and doing!

What does V I P request ?
VIP requests an active and controlled Corporate Governance System with public transparency, in the interest of the capital-investing owner with a sustainable (that means ethically correct and long-term oriented) profit finalisation.

VIP asks the institutional investor to avail themselves in a global and comprehensive way of the fiduciary duties they have in front their clients, the beneficial owners, exploiting the opportunities of joint management guaranteed by the company law: only who takes seriously the control of management, can be considered a serious guarantor for a sustainable management and growth of the entrusted capital.

VIP requests transparent AGM-debates with open questioning and answering sessions performed by independent, physical proxy agents, who ask the management to take an immediate position protecting them at the same time from individual interests, intrusive minorities and/or the pressure of single stake-holders. The number of the AGM-participants is continuously decreasing, also due to the passive behaviour of the institutional investors: resolute groups of interests can easily extort decisions of the issuers, which can not be in the interest of the company e consequently of their owners.

Who ist V I P ?

Vip is a group of people in the european network, who consider Corporate Governance as an indispensable premise for a lively and fruitful finance-market with credible ehtic priorities an sustainibility-principles: it’s tried that Corporate Governance increases the value and the liquidity of the market.

Vip ist Hans-Martin Buhlmann (an his european Staff). In the last 25 years he participated actively at 1300 AMGs as a physical proxy agent. Share-holders and management consider him a competent, brilliant (excellent) and precise speaker able to influence management-processes by citing the cg- rules of best practice.

What offers V I P ?

Vip offers a discussion platform on Corporate Governance for interested people, professionals and insiders. Ideas, results, opinions and essays are published on the home-page; personal dialogs, participation at seminars, membership in specialized associations complete the exchange becoming the base for information and a good share-culture.

VIP offers tools which make Corporate Governance visible and lively. The homepage regularly publishes an updated list of the AGM-dates of the most important German and European companies (as a first and necessary step to global and cross border transparency) , thesis and reports on themes like CG-rating of asset managers, AGM-customs in Europe, semantic of sustainability in European languages a.o.

Vip offers concrete services for institutional investors (physical proxy agent = proxy agent with public intervention in the general debate), in order to make them realise their investment-politics and strategies in an economic (representing more customers in the same situation), official (and also anonymous), professional (more than 25 years experience) an independent (that means just and only in the interest of the beneficial owner).
The modular service system of VIP has to be considered as an active public completion of the consolidated practice of voting recommendation and proxy voting. It is a
motor for a transparent communication, without conflict of interests and human risks (due to non-public one-to-one-meetings), with the management in question.