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V I P Personen
Hans - Martin Buhlmann

fax +49 221 297586 4
      +49 32121278947
      +49 911-30844-93355

E-Mail: HMBuhlmann@VIP-cg.com

University of Cologne – Economic and Social Sciences Faculty
Hagen Distance-Learning University – Economics Faculty (Banking and Stock Exchange System)

1. Professional points of focus

1.1. Shareholder representation

Since 1975
Active attendance at more than 1200 shareholders' meetings in Europe – mainly Germany – with public participation in the discussion with the management

1975 - 1999
16 years member of the Board (1981-1997), also responsible for contacts with the legislature (1983-1990). Active representation of the association founded on December 01, 1959 in the name and with the vote of its members at approximately 50 shareholders' meetings per year. The association has become a recognised, competent and independent voice on the stock exchange and in industry and politics – without being able to achieve an appropriate role on the stockholders' side, even in cooperation with the association of DSW, Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V., Düsseldorf, as competing colleagues

Founding of the V I P VEREINIGUNG INSTITUTIONELLER PRIVATANLEGER e.V. (Association of Institutional Shareholders * Association des Actionaires Institutionels): a professional association engaged in the interests of corporate governance for institutional investors that are established as service providers of individual investors in the European network.
According to the principle: "Proxy voting is a fiduciary DUTY", VIP draws the attention of institutional shareholders to their fiduciary responsibility to exploit their possibilities of codetermination under corporate law to augment assets and increase their control over management in the sense of corporate governance by exercising their voting rights.

1.2. Involvement in economic policy

Founding of an association for industry and politics in the INITIATIVE für Thüringen e.V., Erfurt; manager of THÜPE Projekt- und Entwicklungs-gesellschaft mbH Thüringen, Erfurt, associated and planning company for communal cooperation (public-private partnership)

XIIth legislative period
Scientific assistant to Norbert Otto, member (CDU) of the German Parliament with his Erfurt constituency (Thüringen)

1.3. Economic and financial consultation

Since 1980, consultant for companies regarding strategy, reorganisation and financing questions, mainly rescue operation and start-up of M & A; cooperation and policy consultation in Indonesia

2. Company involvement, posts on governing bodies
Since 1988, held various supervisory and executive board posts (member,
vice-chair, chair), as well as management positions in
various German companies.

Hans-Hermann Mindermann

Master of Law, University of Hamburg - Germany

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main
- until 1990 Assistent vice president? Investment Banking
Stock exchange listings and international bond issues, coordination of the listing procedures for the Commerzbank Listings on international stock on national an international stock exchanges.
- Director ? Investor Relation
First implementation an then the management of the investor relations department of the bank.

Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
Department Head ? New Issues, Investor Relations and Equities
Development of placement strategy and realization of measures for first share placement and listing of Deutsche Telekom AG in 1996.After that, responsible for the investro relation department and coordination of the rating agencies.

Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG, Berlin
Director ? Investor Relations
Coordination and supervising of the preparations for a secondary market share placement. Leading of the investor realtions activities of the bank. Reestablishment of relations to research analysts for research coverage after reorganization measures in 1996/97.

Since 2000
Pskom Partner für Investor Relations GmbH, Wiesbaden
Managing Director
Consulting activities with a focus on, but not limited to, investor relations, fund business and company reorganizations.

Since 2002
GSC Info und Beteiligungen AG, Berlin
Managing director
Responsible for the restructuring and streamlining of the organization, to include reductions in personnnel and widening of the product range. Since then, review and oversight of the implemented measures, shareholder identification, and high-level research.

Other professional activities

Since 1999
VIP-Vereinigung Institutionelle Privatanleger eV, Bonn
Member ? Member and AGM-presence

Since 2001
Viprom AG, Berlin
Co-founder and member of the suprevisory board

Since 2001
Auctus KG, München
Member of the advisory board
Private Equity-Company

Brigitte Mauel
E-Mail: bmauel@vip-cg.com

Graduated from the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Faculty of Applied Linguistics in Germersheim Title of degree: Diplom-Übersetzer für die Sprachen Französisch und Italienisch, Fachsprache : Wirtschaft [Certified Translator of French and Italian, subject area business language]

1984 -98
Freelance work, for German Institute of Florence and ICIT:
? Teaching German as a foreign language
? Language (general, technical and business) and intercultural coaching for managers sent to Italy ? Technical translation (esp. business, law) and business interpreting
? Organization and management of cultural events
? 1997 onward: founder member of ICIT ? Istituto Culturale Italo-Tedesca [Italo-German Cultural Institute] ? in Florence

Opened own office for language and intercultural training
? Translation and interpreting work
? Planning and organization of exhibitions in an intercultural context in Italy, Germany , France
? Presentation of the City of Florence in Europe
? 2002 onward: worked with VIP e.V., notably writing texts, website, contacts
? 2003 onward: founder member of Club of Florence