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Corporate Governance – portrayed in the individual cultural and legal framework, from the standpoint of equity capital.

VIPsight is a dynamic photo archive, sorted by nations and dates, by and for those interested in CG from all over the world.

VIPsight offers, every month:
transparent and independent current information / comments / facts and figures on corporate governance locally and internationally,

  • written by local CG experts,
  • selected and structured by the Club of Florence,
  • financed by its initiator VIP and other sponsors with a background of “Equity and Advisory” interests.

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Bastei Lübbe: a rung higher

The Bastei Lübbe AG publishing house has acquired a majority stake in Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, the games development and production company. The price of the transaction has not yet been published. Prime-Standard-listed Bastei is hoping that this move will boost its strategy of growth in the multi-media market and complete its range of products.

Daedalic is a renowned German games workshop, winner of several awards for its adventure- and story-based video and computer games. Its turnover in 2013 was some six million Euros and its EBIT margin was approximately 10 percent. Daedalic’s turnover should reach 14 million Euros by 2015. The two companies began working jointly immediately after the stock purchase in mid May.

BayWa: The North wind

The renewable energy division of BayWa AG has bought a 76 percent stake in HS Kraf AB the Swedish planning company. This transaction will give the trading and service company access to the Scandinavian market through its subsidiary BayWa r.e.renewable energy GmbH. SDax-listed BayWa has not revealed the cost of the transaction.

HS Kraft, based in Malmö, is specialised in planning and setting up wind farms. Its team of eight provides a raft of services from preliminary feasibility studies up to the construction and installation of wind farms. The excellent wind conditions and economic stability of Scandinavia forecast long-term growth potential for BayWa r.e.

R. Stahl: counterattack

The owning families of R. Stahl AG, specialists in explosion protection is holding out against the takeover bid launched by electro-technical producer Weidmüller AG. During the Stahl shareholders’ meeting on May 23, Weidmüller’s CEO, Köhler, sought to foster the merger by offering shareholders 47.50 Euros per share – more than the current stock-market quoted price. Köhler is convinced that the respective product ranges of the two companies dovetail perfectly. Weidmüller had purchased a number of shares in order to have the right to speak during the meeting.

Südwestfunk reports that, in the meantime R. Stahl’s employees have come out against the bid. In a move to make the merger more arduous, Stahl is holding on to ten percent of its share capital. The owning families already possessed a 61 percent stake. According to Stuttgarter Zeitung they feel sure that the takeover would only be advantageous for Weidmüller and they have made a commitment in writing not to sell their shares.